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Another Adelaide Wood oven

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  • Another Adelaide Wood oven

    Hi All, great forum. Am currently planning a 42" WFO.
    Currently thinking of using bookleaf blue stone for the outside of the dome, still trying to source firebricks atr a reasonable cost, if not ill use clay pavers.

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    Re: Another Adelaide Wood oven

    Littlehampton pavers have firebricks for $6, which can add up, but you can also get their 'seconds'. These may have slight chips but you can go through them and choose the best ones. They sell for $3.50.
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      Re: Another Adelaide Wood oven

      Cheers mate.
      Littlehampton dont give any details on the make up of their bricks. There are a few places interstate that them for alot less, yet to work on freight though!


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        Re: Another Adelaide Wood oven

        go for the Littelehampton 4" fired clay pavers for around a dollar each, when cut are only .50c each.
        I used around 130 full bricks (dome and hearth) for 40" oven and they are as good and fired to 1200˚C.
        Good to see another Adelaidian on board, you make it 19 in this fine city of ours.

        If you don't succeed the first time, try again and again until you get it right!


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          Re: Another Adelaide Wood oven

          Cheers Rastys, sounds like the way to go. Will head up to Littlehampton to have a look.
          19 in Adelaide is great


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            Re: Another Adelaide Wood oven

            Although located in Adelaide

            I want to build a WFO in Robe this Xmas..
            so was interested in this thread

            will think of a few key Questions to ask the Adelaide / SA group...



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              Re: Another Adelaide Wood oven

              Welcome aboard Nobby,
              great to see another Aussie getting involved and planning an oven
              Where abouts are you located in Adelaide? I have 19 other members listed as in Adelaide or the Adelaide hills, with a few more in the country.
              Now that you have introduced yourself, get in and follow some of the builds,as your questions, visit some if you can and then get your materials sourced and get into building it. You should have one finished in time for that big Christmas cook up.
              I have the traditional family gathering this year at our home (aroung 25-30 mouths to feed) so the oven has been booked for roasting the turkey, lamb, pork and all the baked veggies. No, no pizzas and we usually stuff ourselves stupid on the day.
              Anyway, keep in touch, ask your questions and post plenty of pictures.


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                Re: Another Adelaide Wood oven

                Thanks Neill
                In Kensington

                I reckon that I will work my way through the plans ..and then ask a heap of questions!
                especially on where to get various components at a reasonable price
                great to have a big Aussie contingent and then an Adelaide subgroup
                Anyone in the Sth East of Sth Aust...Mt Gambier?