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Rick from Calgary

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  • Rick from Calgary

    Started as just a simple idea....

    My grandparents had a clay oven outside on thier homestead, used it for baking some of the nicest bread in the county... thought it'd be nice to try to build one in my back yard...
    Poured the cement for the pad, just on the corner of the existing patio... laid the cement blocks down for the support walls, put a scratch coat on them, poured the hearth slab and now the insulating layer on top of the slab.
    Picked up the bricks yesterday and build a modified version of Hendo's tool. Will likely start cutting bricks in a week or so, once I get some free time on my hands....
    Have intrigued the neighbors and passed the rumor around that I am building an Aztec scarificial alter in my back yard... can't be too safe you know, with the Aztec calendar coming to an end on 2012/12/12.... does anyone know how they managed to line it up so well with the Julian Calendar?

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    Re: Rick from Calgary

    Of course, you can never have too many Aztec sacrificial altars. And if properly configured, they also make great WFO's.

    As for their calendar, it may be useful to scare neighbours & small children, but I don't see any particular significance in the date of December 21, 2012. Other than it being a winter solstice. Or 3 shopping days before Christmas.


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      Re: Rick from Calgary

      Agreed - I put it right up there with the Jupiter effect. The Mayan had a limited size rock to chisel and he was probably tired after he documented thousands of years into the future.

      Oh yea, welcome to the forum Spunkoid and good luck with your build. It's a fun project.

      Check out my pictures here:

      If at first you don't succeed... Skydiving isn't for you.


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        Re: Rick from Calgary

        hi spunkoid,
        welcome to the club.... did you take any pics yet ???