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newbie - hoping to build WFO in ireland

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  • newbie - hoping to build WFO in ireland

    hi all,

    firstly i am hugh, or hugo.thats that out of the way

    i am doing some major work to my back garden and am putting in a split level with a retaining wall and decided it would be nice to bang a WFO in as part of the wall.

    great idea!!!!!

    except i have not got a clue where to start - the wall i can do - foundation if its a simply straight forward foundation i can do also - but the rest i need help

    so i am here - hope you guys can guide me in my endeavors

    i am a chef by trade and needless to say the one thing i do know about WFO's is how to cook with them - i worked in a restaurant in london that had one.

    so the first thing is - there is free plans on the website - i cant find them!HELP!
    next - is there anyone on here who has built a WFO in ireland - i need to know where i can source materials and get help.

    thanks and looking forward to this project even though its going to be a long one.



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    Re: newbie - hoping to build WFO in ireland

    Hi Hugo, if you haven't found the plans yet, try this link:

    Pompeii Oven Instruction eBook (pdf) :: eBooks & CD ROMs :: Forno Bravo Store

    this should take you to the Forno Bravo store, the downloaded plans are free as a .pdf file, you just go through the checkout process on the website, get charged absolutely nothing and will get a link to the download.

    This forum is a great resource, take a look at the plans, they are not exactly blueprints for an exact design, rather a guidebook for figuring out an oven you can build for yourself based on your skill level and materials available to you. The forum is your backup, post questions, use the search function and check out some of the completed oven threads out there.

    I just completed a 36" pompeii oven earlier this summer and have cooked in it every weekend, just pizza so far. Now I am on to the forum section on recipes and cooking in the oven. If anything there is TOO MUCH information here.

    Good luck and post again if you have any trouble finding and downloading those plans.



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      Re: newbie - hoping to build WFO in ireland

      Hello Hugh,
      Welocome to FornoBravo, As previoulsy stated Too Much Information, But in such a great way, Get your reading glasses out and after you finish start trying to picture your build,,, You can also build in sections, Do your foundation, Then worry about the next step.. You will get there and have a great time and maybe a few (cuss) words along the way,, But for me,, A fantastic experience, and now im learning to cook since my oven is finished,,, But i am itching to start building the fire pit !!!!

      Good Luck And Welcome