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making oven out of rainwater tanks help

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  • making oven out of rainwater tanks help

    went to a agricutural show here in perth western australia , and they were selling pizzas cooked in a wood fire oven made from a corrugated rain water tank,
    we would like to make one, but just dont know how to get started, any one out there that can help us at all, would be grateful

    thank you
    heather and graeme

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    Re: making oven out of rainwater tanks help

    Well I don't know how big the tank was but I guess you have two options.
    • Build your oven by layering insulation -- eg:a clay/perlite mix -- inside the tank
    • Build your oven by layering insulation --eg: a clay/perlite mix -- outside the tank.
    I think the latter is preferable, as the iron will protect your oven from weather and not deteriorate with the high heat.Do a web search and look for DIY for a tandoori oven in a garbage can to get an idea about what I mean


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      Re: making oven out of rainwater tanks help

      Another Aussie to put on the list,
      welcome Redcoat!
      Russell Jeavons, the author of a wood fired oven build and use book and also owns and runs a wood fired oven pizza restaurant here in the Southern Vales of Adelaide at Willunga, has 2 ovens with old rainwater tanks which encase all the insulation materials that are covering the hemispherical dome.
      The pic shows the larger of the 2 ovens and his son cooking.
      You might want to check it out here:


      To actually use a tank as a foundation shape, I feel that you will be wasting your time as you will have areas with quite different temperature differences in it which I feel would not help your cause in trying to cook.

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        Re: making oven out of rainwater tanks help

        I believe its like the house type designs on the FB design manual. Start with a round slab just larger than the tank you are using. Build your Pizza oven up to the point where you have installed the dome and chimney.
        Then place the tank over the top with a cut out for the door and fill with loose vermiculite for insulation.
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          Re: making oven out of rainwater tanks help

          Hey can anyone here please advise me about the rain water tank, I planning for installing rain water tank to save water to get some rebate.

          Rainwater tank