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  • new member from montana

    hello, all -

    just dropping in to introduce myself. my name is ron and i am a pizzaholic.

    i'm pleased to be here and will warn all in advance that i can spell, but typing is another matter ~ please bear with my typos!

    i am from north-central montana, which means that we're in some remote country where 'quality" ingredients are not always easy to come by; therefore, we learn to do very well with common, grocery-store options. some relief for this deficiency can be found in growing one's own ingredients, and i seek to do just that, planting herbs and quality tomatoes etc. next spring.

    i am strongly interested in italian cooking and would like to learn much more, hence my rpesence here. some of my fondest childhood memories are of "homemade pizza night," which i am sure many here also enjoyed in their childhoods. those good memories have led to a passion for cooking authentic italian food that is also practical, meaning that i am happiest using what the common italian would have available and using methods along those lines. of course, that won't stop me from my quest for pomodoros di san marzanos and mozzarella di bufala! (did i also ask to please excuse my bad italian?)

    lately, i've come across good recipes for both dough and sauce for pizza that came from naples in the late 1960s, which means that it was after pizza became a popular item but before it went "gourmet." i've tried the dough with excellent results and will move onto the sauce hopefully this weekend. my favorite toppings for a pizza right now are modest amounts of peperoni, shaved ham, anchovies, green olives and mushrooms (surely such a classical combination has a name?) with grated parmesan and mozzarella, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil before baking.

    i've already learned the extreme value of a pizza stone and would like to look into expanding on this possibly as far as a brick oven.

    i look forward to both sharing what i've learned and also learning what you share.

    buon appetito!


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    Re: new member from montana

    Hi Ron,,
    Welocome to the club,, Im sure you already read thru all the recipes, There are so many I havent run out of things to cook yet.. I live in an area where anything is available, I found common ingredients can be the best,,I do can my own tomatos and make my own sauce, Fresh mozzarella,, And whatever I grow in the garden that that damn gopher hasnt gotten too goes on the pizza,, Welcome to the club and keep reading till your convinced you need your own brick oven,,