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  • Hello All

    I recently completed my mud brick oven and thought it would be good to join a group of like minded individuals. I am a newbie to both ovens and these types of forums so please be patient with me.

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    Re: Hello All

    Hey JMT:
    Outstanding oven! Do you have any more pictures and any of the construction process? What is your internal diameter and what do you have your door attached to?

    I am building a mudoven also: see thread:
    The only bricks in my oven are the firebricks in the hearth.

    Write back, I would like to discuss your build and how it is holding up etc. Did you use bricks in the dome or just mud?? Also, do you leave this out in the elements? Do you get much rain there and how does the oven handle the weather or how did you protect it. Very COOL!!!
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      Re: Hello All

      Hi Mark,

      Lots of questions

      1. Thanks for your kind words, it is a very large oven. I used mud bricks that are 130 years old. We had some bushfires here last year and I salvaged them from an old miners cottage. Got 400 bricks for 400 bucks.

      2. The internal diameter was determined by the size of the bricks. Each brick is 400mm x 300mm x 300mm. The diameter inside after applying internal render is 1790mm

      3. Once finished, I applied a 30mm thick lime and granite sand render to outside and sealed with bondcrete mud brick sealer. It is out in the weather and has only developed a few cracks so far. The cracks are worst were the steel lintel above the door expands.

      4. The door is 4mm steel built into a frame. The frame is pinned with 6 x 10mm x 200 mm long pins into the mortar between the bricks. The frame is also slotted into a granite slab. The slab serves as the ovens apron and looks really cool.

      5. I have a complete photo diary of the construction from start to finish. I am thinking of writing a book as there were a lot of aspects to the build that you would not believe.

      6. Attached is image of finisshed oven with final two tone render and polished concrete base the expose the aggregate in the mix.


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        Re: Hello All

        Hi JMT and welcome aboard
        That is one hell of an oven, ideal for feeding the masses once you get it up to temp, but then again, by being in central Victoria, you would have no problems in collecting the necessary timber to burn
        Now you need to get it going for yourself and post some construction pics please.


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          Re: Hello All

          Thanks Neill,

          It is true it takes a bit of fire to get it up to temp.
          About 3 hours of decent fire before pizza's, breads etc are good to go.
          The muddies hold the heat really well, still at 150deg C 24 hours after no more wood added.
          I have about 300 photo's of the build. I will start with the base for the base (you will get what I mean when you see the shots)