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Does this make me more interesting?

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  • Does this make me more interesting?

    At 41 a midlife crisis of sorts, I've become boring. In the past several months I have tried to do little things to be less of a dullard. I ran a week of "daddy camp" with my kids, started an organic garden, created a worm farm, got very drunk on guiness, and at 5'10" 240lbs decided to time myself running the mile, then I decided to get more life insurance. My lastest endevor is to build a brick and stone pizza oven in the yard and record the process and photos on this wonderful site. As a mason by trade the actual work is something I can do, it's the amount of time, money, and effort that makes this the working mans equilivent of a fancy convertable. I will try to keep you entertained with my self depricating humor, razor sharp wit, and bad spelling. So in eighteen months we can all enjoy a nice slice of pizza or maybe a calzone. 5'10" 245 .

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    Re: Does this make me more interesting?

    Hey StoneJohn:

    So how is that oven build going? You dont need to take 18 months to enjoy a WFO. I know you know brick and all but why not try a clay oven??? I am having a blast building mine and it can be done very quickly (outside of drying time). I went to NC state and I know your area has much red red clay!!! Get out of dullsville and like Nike says "Just Do It!"

    Winter is over; its time to get dirty with a build and enjoy the wonderful weather.

    My build is in Fayetteville, NC; see attached link and let me know what u think!?!

    Hey, I just saw you have a build going so disregard this clay suggestion although you could still do a small one with the kids. Good luck with the NC build.
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      Re: Does this make me more interesting?

      Boring. Boring. I would rather be anything than boring, and even though my teenage girls think I am extremely weird, they do not suffer under any delusions of boredom.


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        Re: Does this make me more interesting?

        Does this make me more interesting?
        Not so far. Maybe if you try to make your oven look like the Millennium Falcon?
        "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

        "Success isn't permanent and failure isn't fatal." -Mike Ditka


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          Re: Does this make me more interesting?

          Have been a few months now, and have the base and hollow block surround pretty much in place. What is interesting is our childrens perception of us. I consider myself reasonably practacle, able to turn my hand to most things, generally speaking spending more time thinking and planning, as apposed to actually doing, compared anyway to my my kids friends fathers.

          Anyway, returning to my car from a local building suppliers, (some timber & nails I think) My daughter shouted from the Pajero window. "Dad...! You're a freak...!

          You probably had to be there to appreciate the sentiment. I was very touched...

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