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Pizza v Bread

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  • Pizza v Bread

    Although I'm just now looking into building an oven and know very little about them, it seems to me that there is a basic difference between an occasional (like weekly or less home use) pizza oven and an occasional bread oven, the former needing to quickly achieve high temp and hold it for a short time while the latter needs mass to hold and release heat slowly and from a lower high point.

    Also, do any such ovens include a firebox separate from the oven so that the fire could sustain temps while cooking?

    It will be interesting to see what kind of material I can find here where we live near Otavalo, Ecuador. We looked at the indoor round oven a friend uses weekly to bake bread and sometimes pizza for about 15 years. The dome, presumably covering low-quality bricks, is comprised mostly of mud. Judging from the walls and ceiling the thing puts out serious smoke. The rooms in the ecolodge where we live have fireplaces that look a bit like those ovens.

    The oven here would be for baking bread for guests, along with occasional pizza for groups so would have to be a bit bigger than for home use.