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Update on my new oven

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  • Update on my new oven

    After some initial concern, my ovens performance is going wonderfully! It took several days to really get enough moisture out of it to fully get it up to temp. I've had it up to temp three times now, and this was my last experience...

    Yesterday we had my five year old's birthday, and I made pizza for the adults. Not knowing exactly what to expect, I started the fire quite early, around noon for the five o'clock party. It took till around 2 till it was fully up to temp, and then I just fed it a log every half hour or so to keep it going. I roasted some asparagus for one of the pizzas (roasted asparagus, fontina, and truffle oil) and it was awesome...could barely get my terra-cotta pan much into the oven due to the heat! Pizzas went well, still trying to get just the perfect flame/hearth temp right to cook it evenly, but really well for third time. I did make the pizza balls a bit early and they got some air bubbles, but no matter in the end. This morning it was still 200F and I never even put the door back on it when I was done last night.

    I'm marinating some beef short ribs tonight and gonna make them tomorrow during the day...may bake some ciabatta as well, we'll see. All in all I'm having a blast so far with my WFO. I've cooked every night for my family for over ten years, and I truly love to cook. The oven is like a new toy for me, will keep everyone informed as I progress!
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    Re: Update on my new oven

    Great job, Ernie! You gotta love having a new toy, I mean tool to produce such wonderful meals for your family. Once you get a door operational, you'll be able to extend the stored heat from each pizza event and cook 3-4 nights a week!