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Where to use aluminum flashing?

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  • Where to use aluminum flashing?


    Sorry if this has been asked before and is obvious, but can anyone point out where in the instructions the 8" aluminum flashing goes during construction? I'm up to the insulating hearth and hope that I haven't missed a step. I think it goes over the dome or is used in the vent, but can't be sure. Fantastic web site and forum, by the way. I hope at some point I can be informed enough to contribute like all of the great posts.


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    no aluminum needed

    It sounds like James may need update the materials list still. This is left over from the idea of needing a thermal slip plane between the hearth and the block stand, but if the insulating hearth has the insulation on the upper layer this is absolutely not needed.


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      I understand that the aluminum is not needed facilitating thermal slip, however, isn't some sort of barrier between the block wall and hearth slab still required for keeping the block wall from filling with concrete?


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        Originally posted by Gualtiero
        Isn't some sort of barrier between the block wall and hearth slab still required for keeping the block wall from filling with concrete?
        The traditional method is to jam used concrete bags into the holes. Alternately, if you want to use cement board instead of plywood under your slab (you can just leave it in place once you remove the uprights) you can cover the holes with that.
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          Or just fill all the holes in the block stand with concrete, or rubble, just don't put anything in there that would later create an odor problem . The main point is the aluminum is no longer recommended (my oven has this because I did not catch this detail before I poured).


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            Thanks a lot for the info. I'm glad I didn't miss anything. With respect to keeping concrete out of the blocks, I ended up filling all of the holes in the blocks with concrete to make it all the stronger, as my oven is situated near the edge of fill. It only took a few more bags of concrete. Anyway, I think the stand could take a direct nuclear hit!


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              Direct nuclear hit

              Not a bad idea to make it solid - you may decide to install a La Panyol oven
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                This all sounds right to me. Glad the hearth came out OK -- with the cores filled, it will be standing a long, long time from now. I see that I removed mention of the flashing from the instructions, but not the materials list -- and have now done that.

                If anybody wants to email me (james@fornobravo.com) comments on the materials list relative to your experience with quantities of various items -- just first away. I will update that page with more accurate information. Just let me know.
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