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    Are the Forno Bravo modular ovens Neopolitan style or Tuscan style oven domes?
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    Good question.

    The Forno Bravo Casa series is called Volta Bassa, or "low dome," in the Italian market, which signifies that it is a Napoli-style oven. You can see the more aggressive curve in the dome, and in the lower height. Still, I would not over-emphasize the difference between the lower and higher dome styles. Our ovens are all Italian-made and round, and when you are cooking at high heat, it can be difficult to really feel the difference in the dome shape.

    Personally, I would rank the quality of the refractory material (heat up time and heat retention) and craftsmanship higher than the dome shape (within reason), in order of priority. For example, the Artigiano oven has a slightly higher Tuscan dome, but is handmade from great bricks -- and it's wonderful. And the Casa and Premio ovens heat up and hold heat better than anything else on the market because of our refractory material.

    Hope this is helpful.
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