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Which Oven is right for me

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  • Which Oven is right for me

    We are looking at buying a Forno Bravo oven and the choices seem endless. We expect to spend about $3-$5k and want the best we can get for that 40"-48" range. I can't decide which kit makes the most sense. We are kind of thinking either the Primo, Professional,maybe even the smallest Moderna. Any advice out there. Are the Casa models even worth considering? HELP!

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    Re: Which Oven is right for me

    don't know much about those, as I built a pompei. I would say this about size though - I originally planned for a 36", but thought it would be too small. I pushed it up to 1 meter (39+") and that's plenty big for basic use. It hard enough to cook 1 pizza at time because it goes so fast, much less 3, which I have room for but haven't ever managed. A 48 is a big oven.