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    We recently moved from TN to VA, and we want to build a pizza oven. Our home in TN, which we built, had a bread oven built in (Alan Scott plans).

    Our new place is quite a bit smaller, and we plan to add on to the home once our other house sells (anyone want to buy a big, gorgeous, modern log home on 22 acres just outside Johnson City TN???), and part of the long term plan is an outdoor kitchen with a 36" Casa 2G90 oven. The kitchen area will be enclosed on 2 sides by walls of the existing home, and a third wall will be from the future addition, and then open on the 4th side. Hope that makes sense...

    Unfortunately, the TN house will likely be on the market for a while, and we would like to build the oven within the next year, but the rest of the kitchen will either have to be done bit by bit or wait until we are only paying one mortgage.

    Is there a way to do this so the oven could be moved if need be? In one of the other posts, I saw someone post about using a concrete manhole cover for a foundation. Might this be an option as a temporary solution? Maybe in conjunction with the metal stand that you can purchase for the oven?

    We have pretty thin topsoil here, with hard red clay underneath. Foundations in this area tend to be concrete block.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!