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Insulation blanket rating needed.

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  • Insulation blanket rating needed.

    Can anyone advise what rating of insulation blanket is need for a wood fired pizza/bread oven. Is a rating of up to 450C/850F sufficient or is a higher rating needed. Also what is the best way (other than to build a roof over the oven), to avoid the blanket becoming wet. Is there some particulat type of waterproofing paint that can be used.

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    Re: Insulation blanket rating needed.


    Blanket normally is rated to 1200 degrees celcius.. normally made containing alumina silicate. where in aussie are you?

    once blanket is on.. you normally stucco render the whole oven.. look at some builds on the forum and you see examples..


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      Re: Insulation blanket rating needed.

      Thanks for the reply. The reason I mentioned insulation rated to 450C was because I was told the inside temerature of the oven would not usually exceed 450-500C and that cooking above this temperature is not really viable.
      Are you suggesting that the higher rated 1200C blanket will work to help to store the heat in the arch bricks for a longer period of time?

      By the way, I'm in Newcastle.


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        Re: Insulation blanket rating needed.

        Normal pizza cooking temps are 750F.. sometimes a little higher, sometimes a little lower. You should go with the higher rated stuff. It might not work any better than the other stuff, but it's not going to catch fire.. that's the main concern. Whoever told you that the oven wouldn't get hotter than 500C? Easily doable in my opinion.
        My oven (for now):


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          Re: Insulation blanket rating needed.

          500C is what, 932F? That may exceed any workable cooking temp, but remember, you will be building big fires which easily exceed 500C. The hottest I ever recorded was over 1400F (I won't do that again). Typically, the center of my dome reaches around 1150F while clearing.
          I would go with the higher rated blanket.



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            Re: Insulation blanket rating needed.

            Agreed with above. The last thing you want is to exceed
            The temps the blanket can take.

            Ring around pottery shops? Not that expensive
            Mate. $70 for 3.6 meters at 600 wide.


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              Re: Insulation blanket rating needed.

              Thanks for all the feedback guy's. Thats great advice. I had no idea the a lower rated blanket could actually catch fire is the temperature exceeds its rating by too much.
              I will definitely go for a minimum of 1200F.