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P60 Installation help

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  • P60 Installation help

    I am expecting my p60 oven to arrive in few days. I have some basic questions that I need some help on

    1) how do you lift the oven from wooden pallett? There seems to be no space between oven bottom and pallett to slide 2x4 or the forks on the fork lift
    2) are two pieces of2x4 enough to handle the weight of p60?do i need any cross bars screwed on top/bottom of 2x4s
    2) how do you maintain 300 deg f temperature for curing. What size wood you burn and how many. Where do you look for temperature (on the floor?)
    3) finding 4-5 full days for curing will be a challenge. Can i start the fire in the morning and rekindle in the evening?

    Your feedbak and suggestions will be appreciated