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Calculating quantities

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  • Calculating quantities

    Hi All:

    How do you guys calculate quantities of overall ingredients per guest?

    It obvilusly varies depending on how much people eat, but I just want to get a rule of thumb.



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    Re: Calculating quantities

    I've been through this exercise when catering for parties and now have a menu and list of ingredients to purchase. I worked out the quantities of each ingredient per pizza to arrive at a shopping list per 20 pizzas, also knowing which pizzas are the most popular, from previous experience. It is now quite easy to purchase all the ingredients, have all the guests stuffed to the gills and have nothing left over to waste. If you don't do it this way you nearly always end up buying way too much stuff and then overloading the toppings, or wasting food.Another alternative is to make Calzones, traditionally eaten the next day, with the left over toppings.
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      Re: Calculating quantities

      Thanks David S:

      Would you be so kind to share the list with me?




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        Re: Calculating quantities

        Sure, here it is. This is based on one pizza per person. Some will eat more, but some will eat less. When eaten by sharing what comes out of the oven, there is always enough.

        Dave’s gourmet woodfired pizza menu

        Prosciutto, t. sauce, cheese, olives, fresh tomato
        dressed w. rocket and olive oil *(7)

        Prawns (garlic) olive oil, cheese, red onion, feta,
        dressed w. sea salt and lime juice *(7)

        Vegetarian t. sauce, cheese, capsicum, onion, mushrooms, capers,
        dressed with rocket and sea salt *(3)

        Margherita t. sauce, mozarella,feta, fresh tomato, and basil
        dressed w. rocket and sea salt *(3)

        Shopping List per 20 9”pizzas
        * the first two are the most popular – list based on numbers in brackets
        good quality Pasta sauce- 2x 550g jar
        tasty cheese (grated) – 600g
        mozzarella (grated) – 600g
        Olive oil
        Garlic (minced) small jar
        Proscuitto x 10 slices
        Tomato (Romas) -5
        Rocket -Lots it is used for 3 of the pizzas – 1 packet
        Olives – black sliced
        Red onion -3
        Prawns (green shelled) - 28
        Feta (not Danish and not fat reduced) – 300g
        Sea Salt
        Lime Juice –small bottle
        Capsicium – one red
        Capers- small bottle
        Mushrooms (sliced) 100g
        Basil (fresh) - handful
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          Re: Calculating quantities

          When I have people over for pizza night I figure 1 pizza per person and as I always welcome left overs, I usually make 3-4 extra. I calculate my doughs to make sure I have enough to accommodate everyone, the other stuff, I always have on hand because it lasts a long time (pepperonis, cheese, sauce, etc)


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            Re: Calculating quantities


            What is "rocket"?


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              Re: Calculating quantities

              That is a type of arugula, right?


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                Re: Calculating quantities

                Thanks David, very useful info! I really appreciate it!