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Whats your floor temp?

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  • Whats your floor temp?

    When you do your pizza, what's your floor temp then your dome? Curious as I try to deliver the perfect pie

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    Re: Whats your floor temp?

    After firing and the dome is white, my floor is around 430˚C and the dome sends the 500˚C digital infra red thermometer off the scale. My initial pizzas are cooked in just a minute without burning the toppings nor the base. I don't really take notice of the temperatures after that as they cool somewhat cooking usually 30+ pizzas, but the last take 3 to 4 minutes to cook and that is with a small fire burning on the coals.


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      Re: Whats your floor temp?

      I like my floor temp between 700 & 800 F (371-426 C). Dome is around 100 F higher after heat saturation. The only temperature that matters to me is the floor temp. The dome temp is interesting but not important, we are going to cook on the floor

      My dome goes to 1100 F (593 C) at the end of the burn to temperature, but cools when I let the oven temp stabilize and sit there a half hour or 45 minutes with the door covering the entrance (almost air tight) and the heat charge equalizes somewhat. If it is much over 800 F, I'll leave the door open without feeding the fire and let it cool down before cooking.

      Another important aspect of measuring the temperature is how long your fire burned and how big it was. You will get a feel for your oven as time goes by. One thing for sure is that you will realize after some time that the more heat you store in the oven, the more predictable the cooling curve is. Why mention that? Well, it is easy to see the dome clear as the temperature gets to 750 F or so and then start cooking (I mean cook pizza, preparing the oven to cook bread may be OK at that temp- that is another issue). That is too soon in almost all cases....I like to continue the heat charge (after the dome clears) another 30 to 45 minutes, and then cook. That total of 70 to 90 minutes is pure pleasure for me. HTH
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