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    Hello, I'm building a 36" Pompeii using FB's CD Rom V2.1 for guide lines
    and starting to gather materials. To avoid shipping fees I'm checking local suppliers for FB equivalents. I have found a ceramic blanket that is listed as 8 lbs/sq ft but is nearly twice the cost at FB. They have a 4 lb/sq ft blanket at the same price as FB's 8 lb/sq ft. Is FB's product Cerablanket? For this application will it make a big difference if I use the less dense material?
    Thanks for any comments and look forward to participating here.

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    Re: First post

    Hi Breadjunkie,

    Thank you for your first post. :-) We, here, at Forno Bravo recommend that you have at least 3" of an insulating blanket over your oven dome. This is to help retain heat and create an even cooking temp within your oven. Please send pictures of your complete oven, we would love to see them! Happy building and cooking!



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      Re: First post

      Thanks for the advice. I understand about the 3 inches of blanket. I was just curious if there was a preference or need to use the 8 lb blanket or if the 4 lb blanket will be sufficient. I think it is rated for the same temperature.

      The blocks are set for the base. Pictures coming soon.


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        Re: First post

        Hello Breadjunkie,

        A few years ago when I was building my oven I had the same question. I did some research and found, if my memory serves my right that the reason for different densities was that in industry there are instances where the insulation value is needed in a very tight area where 4lb/cuft would be to bulky so an 8lb/cuft insulation is used, so, your space restrictions would dictate which weight of insulation would be most suitable. Also, the different insulation weights conduct heat at different rates but for what we need in a WFO setting I didn't worry about the conductivity of the different weights. There are calculations in industry for the proper insulation but that was going to far for me so I never followed up on the calcs. Note this is from memory, from a few years ago. There are probably other reasons also but that info stuck with me.



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          Re: First post


          Thanks for the comments. So the difference is a conductivity issue. It's interesting that there is such a wide range of prices for these materials.

          By the way JAG is also my initials.