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another hearth question

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  • another hearth question

    I have looked at alot of the builds here and one thing I notice is that not much time is spent on making sure the individual hearth bricks are flat with each other . Is this something that is not that important or is it just a boring but necessary step that does not make for exciting pictures Thanks.
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    Re: another hearth question

    I assume you mean oven floor? I think people may spend a lot of time on it, but it's not such a sexy topic of conversation or photography. It's pretty easy to get them flat if you lay them on a sand/fireclay mix that has been grooved with a tile trowel, and tap them with a rubber mallet to set them. I found that its easier to do if the leveling mix is dry, vs. the recommendation to use it wet.
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      Re: another hearth question


      It is very important to get them even. If not, the peel WILL hang up on an edge. I spent a fair amount of time sanding the brick down with a belt sander.
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