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Mortar not sticky

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  • Mortar not sticky

    I made home brew with fire clay from my cuttings. It did not stick to the bricks at all. If I buy fire clay will it be stickier.

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    Re: Mortar not sticky

    I had problems with the home brew not sticking well until I got it real wet, then it seemed to work a lot better. I'm sure the pros on the forum will be able to go into more detail. I encourage you to mix up a small batch and give it plenty of water to see if you still have the same problem.


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      Re: Mortar not sticky

      "Clay" from your cuttings is not "clay". Rather, it is just very small pieces of fired refractry which has already been vitrified. (i.e. changed on a molecular level...I think).

      In any event...it's no longer clay, and I'm sure has different binding properties than clay. I found homebrew mortar to be extremely sticky. To the point that I could place a motared brick against another at relatively close to vertical...hold it in place for a few seconds...and it would hold.



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        Re: Mortar not sticky

        Originally posted by WJW View Post
        To the point that I could place a motared brick against another
        I was half expecting you to say attract it magnet like.....
        The English language was invented by people who couldnt spell.

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