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Getting ready- need some construction advice!

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  • Getting ready- need some construction advice!

    Hello! I've been wanting an outdoor brick oven ever since spending some time with the Italians in Iraq- they actually built a brick oven in their camp!

    After talking with the Forno Bravo people, I am planning on the pre-assembled Primavera 70. Then I can just build the base and have the oven set on top.

    So I am getting ready to do this expensive, involved process. I am having a 4' x 12' 6" reinforced cement pad poured tomorrow. It's going to hold the pizza oven on one end, my grill on the other end, and some work space in between. I would really appreciate any advice on my plan.

    After the pad is poured, I am planning to build a simple cinder block frame- focusing on a square for the oven of about 44" inches across (the oven being 42" across). Because of the layout of my patio (about 12" above the ground), I planned to have the frame open at the back to store wood back there.

    As I understand it, I should have rebar in the cement to poke up through the blocks?

    After the frame is made, I need to make a cement top of 3 1/2" reinforced concrete to set the oven on, correct? I can just set the oven on that?

    Considering the weight of this oven, how do you manage to move it off the poles you use to lift it onto the base and onto the correct location on the base without damaging the oven or your back?

    Finally, I am planning to have a bit of roof over the island, so I will need to extend the chimney above that. 1st- will it affect the oven at all to have a non-standard length chimney? 2nd- How can you make the additional length of chimney look like the original terracotta type section?

    Anything else I need to consider?


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    Do you refer to the pizza oven at the Italian embassy? Have you ever attended the Italian embassy party in Baghdad IZ across from the US spooks centre? Their pizzas were great. Or are you referring to the FOB at Naserria?