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  • chiminey

    I was informed by my County and Home Owner Association that my oven can not be any taller then 7 feet or I have to locate it right in the middle of my Townhous backyard ( unlikly ). Any chance the oven will work properly with only 1 foot of cheminey?



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    I can think of a couple of alternatives (beyond doing away with the homeowners association).

    You could lower the hearth a little to accommodate a longer chimney run. Also, you might want to check with your building dept. and see if they have a code for the distance between the chimney top and the top of your enclosure wall. You might just make it.

    I measured my oven here (its a Casa90). The top of the chimney is 6' 10". The cooking floor in 44", which is the high side of average, and the chimney is 27" (no spark arrester), running from the vent opening to the top. I have an Igloo that falls away from the chimney. I think you have the wiggle room to make it work.

    Or, you could do away with the association.

    Anybody else have height measurements?

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      removable chimney

      i had the same situation. that is why i used a removable chimney. there was an exception in the cc&r's for things that "temporarily" extended more than 1 foot above the top of the fence. you can see pictures at of the chimney on and the chimney off. right now its pretty ugly but we are going to have a nicer chimney made out of steel that looks like a palm tree.
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