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hello newbie with a modena rpm120

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  • hello newbie with a modena rpm120

    Hello ,
    I am currently in the process of buying a pizza place that has a approx. 3 year old Modena rpm 120 in place,
    if all gos well we will pass papers on april 2,
    looking for tips and tricks to get the most out of this oven, what are some dos and donts
    which is the best woods for this oven, ,
    I grew up in the boston area and am somewhat of a pizza nut, living in NH the choices are slim for what I consider a real pizza , so my goal is to offer the real deal, I have just about 2 months until the grand opening and would like to absorb any and all pertinent information on this oven and its use

    I had eaten at this place in the past and found it to be one of the best pizzas in NH .. appreciate any and all input thank you....

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    Re: hello newbie with a modena rpm120

    I have no experience with commercial operations, but I have spoken with a WFO restaurant owner....he stressed the importance of finding a good supplier of dried wood. Thats all I know about commercial ovens...


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      Re: hello newbie with a modena rpm120

      thanks for the reply , we are trying to setup with the supplier that the previous owner used kiln dried, one thing about NH theres plenty of would

      I did notice a crack in the floor of the oven wonder if this would be an issue or is there something we can fill it in with...appreciate all input...