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My first experiment

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  • My first experiment

    Well, I spent the night and built a makeshift wood fired oven based loosely on the 1 hour oven design on the Bread page. I used patio blocks I had laying around for the whole thing, so it was only as wide as about 1 patio block (the 8x16 cement kind) topped with a pile of very flat rocks and dirt to seal the holes up. Oven is about 8hx16wx30d.
    4 bricks in front to sort of make a smaller door opening.
    It's been burning now for about 3 hours and the whole mass is quite hot. I even have secondary burn going at this point... kinda cool. Being only 8" tall, it's kinda tight, so next iteration, I'll stand the blocks on their end and possibly angle them in a bit for a wider floor. Once I get this down my brick collecting starts and I'll try a dome.

    I tossed in a small pizza, and it was cooked in about a minute. Hopefully this is step one in my quest to build a wood fired oven. LOML thinks I've flipped. She thought that when I started looking at wood stoves too, now she loves the stove.

    Lessons learned:

    - 8" is too short. (let's keep it clean here folks, family forum)
    - Never blow into the oven to get the ash off the cooking surface
    - even a makeshift oven is amazingly hot - given that I got secondary burn going I'd guess interior temps were over 1000 degrees.
    - even small slightly wet wood smokes like mad in an oven
    - Having an oven on the ground sure is a pain in the butt
    - I need to build one of these things.

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    Re: My first experiment

    reminds me of when we went from California to Idaho for 6 months and the rental house did not have a BBQ. Being in the 7th/8th grade and having no $$ to buy a BBQ, after all it was winter, I was having some serious BBQ withdrawals. I went so far as to dig a hole in the backyard throw in some coals and toss my moms cooling rack for cookies on top and trying to grill a chicken before the parental unit got home.

    The rack melted, the chicken burned and I got belted when they got home. Thus goes one of my memories of Boise Idaho in the '70's.