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Small brick oven

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  • Small brick oven

    Hello All.. just joined and looking forward to some ideas/help from the experienced people on the forum.
    Am trying to find plans/ideas on building a brick oven with a seperate fire chamber as am limited in width and depth. Is it possible to have a fire chamber under the oven and also keep the oven clean from the burning embers. Have about 1 sq yard for the build site. Thanks in advance for any help/ideas

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    "White" oven

    The so-called "white" oven, where the combustion happens in a firebox outside the baking chamber, is commercially produced, mostly in conjunction with a home heating scheme. This is one example:


    If you must have a "white" oven, you might want to consider one of the thousands of cast iron wood kitchen stoves that were produced in this country in the 19th century. A lot of those fireboxes are in bad shape, but could be rebuilt with some firebrick and home welding. But at the end of the day, how much do these things differ from putting some bricks in the bottom of your kitchen gas oven?

    A lot of folks here would advocate using a traditional "fire in the hole" traditional bake oven. They come in really small sizes. here's an 18 incher made by superior clay:


    Again, the common wisdom about ovens that small is that they are not worth the trouble. The reason: To have room for a fire, and a pizza, and room to turn it around, 3 feet is about the minimum.

    My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2