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when is a brick a brick or a fire brick ???

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    Re: when is a brick a brick or a fire brick ???

    more question than reply: I have bricks from the chimney of a 1950 oil burning heater. Can I build an oven out of them? They are solid, large, dense and dark red. I would appreciate anyone's help, Thanks, Jon.


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      Hi, I’m also new here so be gentle. Iv built my brick oven a 900mm with a fire brick base and solid brick dome. I’m ready to place the flue and now the finish. It’s a single skin
      of brick tightly joint and I’m seeking advice on the outer finish. Do I just cement render it or does it need some added insulation. My late father a stone mason just built these in his day in single skin of bricks and they worked a treat! Any advice welcome. John


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        Hi John,

        Welcome to the forum. Yes, the dome needs insulation. I hope that the under floor and dome has insulation also.

        JTB1 Jon,

        Sorry for the no reply.

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