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Base size for a 36" corner installation - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community


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Base size for a 36" corner installation

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  • Base size for a 36" corner installation

    I'm trying to figure out what the dimensions need to be for a 36" pompeii for a corner installation. Can I get it done with a smaller imprint than the standard ~60-70 that is recommended. What would both sizes be - recommended vs. smallest.


    PS it's been awhile since I had geometry

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    Re: Base size for a 36" corner installation

    Remember that the limiting factor on the corner install is the amount of space between dome and wall (for enclosure) or amount of space left for the igloo with insulation. This is, of course, true for all the ovens but the corner install is unique in that the spots that are close are different. If you think of the oven as a compass with you looking north if you are looking into it, the close spots will be NE, SE, SW, and NW as opposed to N,E, and W on a standard install.

    Depending on whether you plan on using insulfrax or loose vermiculite/perlite (or a combination) you will need less or more space. The plans cover the recommended amounts.

    Sketch it out and put the plans up here - believe me, we all love kibitzing!
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      Re: Base size for a 36" corner installation


      Thanks for the reply. Based on your photos it looks your base is approx 60/60 inches at the "backs" then 40/40 inches on the "sides." You mentioned you built a 40' internal. I'm building a 36" and think your dimensions would work fine. Just wanted to double check my logic.