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where to get materials in Brisbane

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    Re: where to get materials in Brisbane

    Hi All
    Has anyone built a 42 inch WFO from the plans and has an idea of how much money they spent on the project? I am still trying to decide on a fire brick oven or a precast concrete kit.
    Any thoughts?


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      Re: where to get materials in Brisbane

      Hey Rob
      It's cost me heaps - a lot more than the pre-cast jobbies. I haven't kept exact figures, but it's more than $2000 and less than $4000. $600 of that was spent on a brick saw, so I will get some back when I sell it after the project. Some guesses:
      footing/slab $200
      stand $250
      hearth $300
      angle iron 80$
      insulation $800
      bricks $500 ?unsure?
      fireclay $60
      flue $85
      door $80
      still to do the render/finish yet



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        Re: where to get materials in Brisbane

        Yes Ouch for sure.
        Still I bet the final product will be great.
        Startingn to lean back towards a precast kit.
        for you reply


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          Re: where to get materials in Brisbane

          Remember, If you get a modular oven, It's just the inner shell. You still need a foundation, a stand, a support slab, insulation top and bottom, vent and chimney, enclosure, whatever finish you choose...

          It's not remotely plug-and-play.
          My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2


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            Re: where to get materials in Brisbane

            TRM in Slacks Ck are pretty expensive in my opinion. I am in the throes of setting up a new venture in Melbourne and will be specialising in the wood fired oven materials. Should be up and running in the next couple of weeks.Hope to be able to supply Aussie wide with good freight rates. Any enquiries 0451 470 371. Johnny


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              Re: where to get materials in Brisbane

              After doing a lot of research i found that claypave are the cheapest for fire bricks, will save you about a dollar a brick which should save you about 250 or so. they are at dinmore just outside ipswitch. I am going to use fire pavers for the cooking floor as well so that should save a fair bit as well for a 40 inch (1025mm) oven.


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                Looks like Claypavers over in Dinmore have shutdown. Does anyone know where the next best place is?
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                  Hi Carl,
                  The only place I could here was Total Refractory Management (TRM) in Slacks Creek, not cheap but the only place around.
                  The bricks were about $8 each and they were in stock.
                  I also got my 5 and 50 mm insulation blanket there as well.
                  Have just picked up a Flue from Mr Stoves in Dara, have gone with a 6 inch, will see how that goes.
                  Countertop and render next, have just started the curing fires a few days ago as well.


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                    Thanks - ouch thats a decent hike in price! Makes you wonder how places like Claypavers could make them for so cheap!