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A critical first decision

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  • A critical first decision

    (M) The following is a Copy-Paste from my posting on the Photos Forum because I feel it is so important for a new builder to consider.

    (M) I wanted to respond to Tarik's post which included his Photos on the Photo Forum. I had no new photos to submit and wondered if I should be posting anything there if there were no accompanying photos.

    (M) I wonder if James is still considering moving all photos from all Forno Bravo Forums to one central viewing place? ___

    (M) Because we are limited to 5 images per post, I have followed Paul's lead and assembled all of mine, so far, on PhotoBucket.

    Here is the URL:


    ================================================== ====


    (M) Great photos, Tarik, confirm my opinion of your work as that of a true craftsman-like builder!

    ================================================== =====

    (M) The most important first decision I had to make was whether I would enclose my Pompeii "igloo" with "house" walls made of cement board. I feel that this is so important an early decision that I am also going to post this message on the "Newbie Forum".

    (M) The reason this 1st decision is so important is that when I decided to enclose my igloo (permitting me to add lots of perlite insulation under the roof) I realized that it would be a waste of time to do fine finish detail work that would ultimately be hidden. Paul and Robert are just two builders that opted for elegant detail. Robert with his mosaic, and Paul with his arched brick throat entry.

    (M) My recommendation to any Newbie is to make that 1st decision before you do any work! I struggled trying to reconcile different photos and directions until I realized that there is a fundamental structural process to be considered which is based on that 1st choice.

    ================================================== =====

    (M) Tarik, I'm curious which of those 2 ways you will go? ____ If you are going to build an enclosure to help retain the heat, I would like to follow your progress very closely. I am almost exactly where you are now and I could use guidance in the design and formation of the throat to the igloo.

    (M) I suspect that a closing door to the Hearth fire might be an excellent idea as many builders find themselves using a lot of firewood. A door would help heat retention when baking bread after cooking pizza.

    (M) I am considering extending the 2nd bricks from the fireside entrance about 1/2" further apart. This would leave me a masonry door stop. Does anyone see a potential problem with that idea? ____ Does anyone understand what in H. I'm trying to express?


    "Everything should be made as simple as possible, ...
    but no simpler!" (Albert Einstein)

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    someone else asked this question in another thread, i believe, and there was an accompanying photo discussed. i think that's a great idea. if i could go backwards in time, that would be one of the modifications i would make.
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      Door stop of 3/4" masonry


      (M) Paul, perhaps this is the post about the door you were referencing.
      Bob C. wrote it on another thread; BrickOvenPhotos. His first photo on the Photo forum shows that lip-door stop, quite clearly.

      ================================================== ======

      (Bob C.)


      With regards to the door...that is what I did, I left about 3/4" as a stop for a door that I made using salvaged 2x4 mahogany. I'll try to attach a photo of my door opening. It seems to work very well for me. good luck. Pizza is just around the corner.



      (M) As a btw to all, I see that we still have a problem cross referencing various threads. My thought, James, for whatever it is worth, is to reduce the number of threads. I also would like to see a central repository for every builders' photgraphs. But perhaps I'm simply wishing more work for you.


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      "Everything should be made as simple as possible, ...
      but no simpler!" (Albert Einstein)


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        Photos and threads

        Is the Forum "Brick Oven Photos" working as a central repository of photos, or is limiting 5 attachments to a thread limiting.

        If it is limiting, I would be happy to research the best way to attach a more open repository to the Forum. Perhaps there is a way of linking threads to photos in the repository. I will look into it.

        In general, storage has become so cheap, I don't think we want to limit photos -- but rather want there to be more -- then, the issue becomes assessbility and organization.

        My action item, and I will get back.

        In terms of threads, I am trying to make it easy for both Forno Bravo oven owners and Pompeii builders to share everything, in terms of oven siting, design, insulation, trim, finish, chimneys, etc.

        One idea would be to eliminate the Newbie section, and put the content there into the four installation forums. We would turn the Newbie section into an information only Forum, not for posting threads.

        Just a thought. For now, let's keep the Forums the same, and see if we can tackle the photo issue.

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          One more thing.

          After I research the photo repository for the forum, I will bring the photos over from the older Yahoo group.

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