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Outer Layer Wood Fired Oven

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  • Outer Layer Wood Fired Oven

    Hi all and thanks for having me...1 quick question if someone could point me to the right forum link, I have built the first layer of my pizza oven using the Gym Ball method and Cement / Vermiculite method. I have ordered some Fire Blanket insulation and will cover with Chicken Mesh as per most tutorials. Question for me is what materials will be best to use as the next layer. Not sure is normal Sand / cement mix will be suitable. Insulation is 13mm thick (blanket from (Vitcas) but enough to cover oven twice over. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated, Thanks All....

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    Hi Fern,

    Welcome to the forum. We can certainly advise you on your exact question. But, first, let me advise you to not to use "the Gym Ball method and Cement / Vermiculite method". That is unless you really understand what you will be getting. It is not a method that is recommended by the majority of active members on this forum.
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      Hi Fern, Gulf is right although you could use an exercise ball, but coating it with a dense material instead of an insulating material.
      useing vermiculite and standard cement to cover the ball is sort of going backward and inside out!
      Vermiculite is a good insulator, so it will not hold or store any heat, you need a heavy dense material like refactory cement (look up “home brew” ) that will hold the heat so your oven stays hot without a fire blazing away.
      covering a shaped pile of sand with home brew is a popular, low budget way go. The sand is dug out once the cement has dried.