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    Iíve started my floor. Iíve cut my form for my door/entryway. In Puerto Rico I couldnít find the smooth bricks for the floor so all of the WfO will be with firebrick, which leaves my floor a little uneven. My biggest problem Iím having is that the Vesuvius refractory cement that I was able to find in P.R., has lots of Little Rocks! Itís not like working with regular mortar, itís more like a concrete that you would pour a mold or slab with. Iím so bummed bc thereís nothing else available here. Can I sift out the rock, maybe add a little more Portland and use it anyway?i canít get fire clay here either. Iím ready to start laying my walls, but not sure where to go from here with this rocky concrete!!! Any ideas are so very greatly appreciated!!!
    Thank you!!!
    i keep trying to post fotos but itís not working for some reason.