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Insulating Fire bricks vs Ceramic fibre board

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  • Insulating Fire bricks vs Ceramic fibre board

    Hi, wondering if anyone has used insulating fire bricks instead of fibre board for the hearth below the cooking floor and if so what side they laid them on. I have a bunch so wanted to know if this is just as good of a solution (as in as strong and heat reflexion) or if I should just get fibre board. Thanks

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    They are a great solution especially if you don’t have to pay for them. One big advantage is that they’re dry unlike a vermicrete slab that requires drying before it’ll insulate properly. IFB’s are made in many different sizes, but you need a min of 3” preferably 4” of underfloor insulation.
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      Thanks so much for your response. I will definitely be going this route then. I presume I can just lay the IFB dry versus having to mortar them. Also does the pattern I lay these in matter if I am laying my cast cooking floor ontop.