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Pizza oven construction ratio

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  • Pizza oven construction ratio

    I have to reduce the size of the pizza oven plans I purchased from forno so it will fit on my existing slab. I have a foundation working room of approx. 48 inches x 48 inches.
    Is there a ratio I can use to adjust the size of the plans so it will still function properly?
    If you have measurements for an oven that will fit on this size can you please share?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The easiest thing to do is figure out what kind of enclosure you are planning then what amount of installation and brick thickness and then take multiple of 2 of each and then you have your remainder. Bricks are 4.5" and most do 3" of insulation so that is 15" then if it is to be a igloo 1.5-2 " of materials to make the dome probably so 18 " off of 48" leaves you with 30" oven. Or atleast that should be close. You need to make it fit your spot there is no formula other than that . Good luck


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      The tricky part is to have enough room for the flue gallery. There will always be less room at the front and back of the oven than the sides because of this. Make an accurate scale drawing. You can multiply the given dimensions of the FB plans (by say 0.8) to reduce the oven size. Also you can push the flue gallery further inside the internal perimeter to save more space.
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