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Propane versus Natural Gas ? Which is better?

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  • Propane versus Natural Gas ? Which is better?

    If one was to consider adding another fuel source .. an OPTIONAL fuel source of gas, .. which is better to go with for a newbie oven builder? Natural gas or Propane?

    I searched the forums but I cannot find any good conversations on this topic. In my situation, there is a natural gas bib very close to my area that my oven is going to be .... so I can make a natural gas feed to my oven wood-fired pizza oven build, if I wanna.

    But is there something to choosing propane over natural gas? With propane, I am surmising that there wouldn't be a need for a certified gas filter, thus no permit etc or other added expense ... at least I don't think so anyway.

    Please, .. if any members have a wood fired pizza oven along with a secondary source of propane or natural gas, give your two cents if you would be so kind. I am under the impression that propane has more BTU's than natural gas. How important it this?

    But then one has to go fill the propane tank every so often when it gets low (which to me isn't that much of a pain). And the tank can be hidden easily under the main platform upon which the oven sits. Or, .. I can make my oven build be solely a wood fired oven instead of gas assisted.

    Any comments would be welcomed here ... I got to start making decisions before the snow melts.