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  • Bricks..

    Hi all..

    First time posting.. Awesome forum..

    My build is not due to start for some time but I am collecting materials... It will be a brick dome with plenty of room. It will be hot most of the time once completed

    A friend let me have some bricks which I am hoping are suitable for the oven floor.

    I have googled the markings and the size 230 x 115 x 38mm. or 9 inches x 4.5 inches x 1.5 inches. The best I can come up with is that the are a wood heater fire brick.

    So to my question, as they are narrower than the recommended 50mm or 2 inch oven base fire brick would there be any reason for me to not just use 2 courses ?
    I would still use all the recommended layers below.

    If anyone has any experience with these bricks, it would be appreciated...

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    A k43 is what is called a super duty fire brick roughly 45-50% alumina. It will work, I built mine out of steel mill blast furnace fire brick which were super duty. They are very hard and you go through a number of diamond wet saw blades. Some fire brick tiles are only 1.5" thick so it will work unless you plan on doing a lot of bread making. If you have enough for a double layer, that would be good to. In either case it is important that you insulate well under the floor.
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      Many thanks..