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    hi all,

    i have my base down and am sitting my fire bricks down. I bedded them down on a base of sand and cement. 6-1.
    A few of the bricks on the edge are lose to touch they havenít bonded. Do I need to take them up and re morter?

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    Forgot to add. The dome sits around these bricks and will hold them in Place with a gap of about 10mm. Brick to dome.


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      No you donít need to re seat them.
      out of interest... what is under the bricks, insulation board or a vermiculite mix?


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        10cm of a mix of letters, refractory and dew others. Itís a lot.

        So they donít need to be stuck down ?


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          Sorry not letters. Itís a mix - pottery bits, refractory etc. Itís from pizza oven supplies


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            I doubt if it would be possible to stick them down long term, the bricks will move around due to expanding and contracting.
            They just need to be level and flat but not actually stuck down.

            A mix of letters and dew?


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              Pottery wonít be good at insulating the bricks, you really want a lightweight (not dense) base below and above the bricks.
              If you donít use insulation the oven will struggle to get really hot and take a long time to get hot too.


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                Itís a kit. He sells a lot so Iím sure they are ok.

                Just want to be sure they donít need to be re bed.

                Will they all move once they are hot?