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Wet wood?

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  • Wet wood?

    Is there any issue in burning we wood in a WFO? Any problems with sap getting onto the hearth? Or am I over thinking it?
    I just cut down some large tree branches off of a cedar tree that I was thinking of burning.

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    I have found trying to burn wet wood (unseasoned) to be a bad idea. Wet wood won't put out as much heat, and will smoke excessively. Even putting some wet logs on an otherwise well burning fire will dampen (pun intended) down the fire and create lots of smoke. Many of use use residual heat in the oven after a few days of cooking to "kiln dry" some of our non-dry wood for the next fire.
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      Hi Cascade Diver,

      Welcome to the forum. I totally agree with JR. Let it dry at least until next year. The thinner limbs may dry sooner. Dry softwood, like the cedar, will burn quite fast and give off a lot of heat. Not something that you would want to dry a new oven with. But, it makes a great starter and can be used for the initial heating of a dry oven. However, I would mix it with hardwood and swap over to all hardwood as the dome starts to clear.
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        Thank you for sharing that information with me . I appreciate it.