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Hearth construction

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  • Hearth construction

    Hello , this is my first posting and just wanted some information if I should have any problems with my design, I purchased a prefabricated oven from Italy and following the persons directions that I have purchased the oven from I was told that it was okay to lay the concrete slab of 5" on corrugated steel sheets and to lay down ceramic wool blanket with about an 1" of sand on top of the blanket to level the hearth of the oven. I have built the oven and fired it one time last fall after I completed the installation but I really did not get it up to the temperture needed for pizza and held it there for a good amount of time I was concerned with the concrete on the corrugated steel but was told that it should not be a problem because it was not going to be used constantly. Just like to get someone else's oppinion.

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    You should have bought a Forno Bravo. :-)

    My guess is that you will be OK. You should try a series of small, then growing fires to fully dry the oven out before you really test how well the cooking floor is holding heat. Once the oven is well cured, you will get a better idea of what to expect. It's possible your sand is still damp, and the oven itself might still have moisture.

    One way of checking how the floor is cooking is to buy a digital thermometer.

    If you have them, you should send us a photo.

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