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  • Willow wood

    Hi, can anyone tell me if willow is a suitable wood for a pizza oven? Thanks

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    Hi RBH,

    Welcome to the forum. There are different species of willow around the world. Here is a chart for the UK that is for stove/firewood. That is pretty much the same thing that we are doing in our ovens. The chart has a rating for willow. It says that it needs some extra time to season in order to get it dry. It doesnt have a real good BTU rating, but that is relevant to availability and price. If it takes a little more cheap or free wood to heat the oven, I'm fine with that. Imo, it's ok to bring the oven up to temp with a cheaper wood and then swap over to a good seasoned hardwood just before cooking.
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      Many thanks for that Gulf, I screen shotted the list so I never lose it. Good idea regarding use of low grade wood, too.