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Solo Stove , pretty darn cool !!! It is fire pit that is almost SMOKE-LESS ..!!!

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  • Solo Stove , pretty darn cool !!! It is fire pit that is almost SMOKE-LESS ..!!!

    Well, I thought that this would be the place to enlighten others about a product called "THE SOLO STOVE". It is pretty amazing. I am oh, so thinking of buying for my back yard (or on a take-along for camping, or to the beach, or even to a friend's house for an evening). After doing a lot of you tubing reviews and so on .... I am convinced that this is something worth purchasing. It comes in three sizes with the medium size (called the BonFire) being the most popular, and then the biggest one is called The Yukon (which is the one that I want ...)

    The reasons for me buying this item are as follows:

    1. portable (easy to move and place in different areas) & it comes with a black carry case.
    2. easy to clean
    3. you & your friends do NOT smell like a campfire afterwards
    4. VERY easy to LIGHT up
    5. does not leave a heat mark (imprint) on one's patio
    6. one can cook marshmallows / hotdogs with it (without chemical contamination)
    7. One can put it ANYwhere in the backyard
    8. There is VIRTUALLY ZERO SMOKE ... yes, . .you read that correctly (due to the "complete combustion" just like a pizza oven once it gets high temperature)

    Forgive me if i am violating the fornobravo website by in-putting a youtube link to a great review of this wonderful product. I do not have any stake in this product, but I came across this quite by random, since I am a "click - bait" YouTube type of person.

    So, .. Moderators please delete this part of my post if links are not allowed ... but I feel that this would be an item that most of us would like to see since we are all pizza oven lovers, and thus, pyromaniacs to some degree. Here is the link:

    … click on this and check it out ...

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    Here is the bigger sized one (The Yukon) that I want to order.

    But I hafta find out how much this bad boy is gonna be with the exchange rate into Canadian funds.

    And .. from where I am going to order it from ...(direct from manufacturer, hopefully a dealer here near Vancouver, or .... ?)

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