Oh, please don't cast stones at yet another newbie Q of mine, .. but I sure do learn a lot here from members. Here is my Q: what do others do when spring time arrives and one wants to clean their oven ... ?

I guess what I am asking is this: on virtually all pizza ovens there seems to be this small blackened soot area of the upper region of the mouth / entry. I must admit, .. that I rather like this, as it makes the oven look "seasoned" and such.

However, if a lot of soot builds up over the months & months of usage, .. and this blackened area gets too unsightly, .. I know that I will be tempted to use my powerful pressure washer to remove the stain.

(... and my above Q to other members will become a little more stupid in that ... I may even be tempted to use my pressure washer to briefly go inside ... yes, ... inside the entry way of the oven dome to remove stains. Is the advisable?)