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Planning my first oven build

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  • Planning my first oven build

    Hi everyone,

    first time poster so please be kind lol.

    Currently planning my first oven build.

    I’m planning a base of two courses of block work on top of the concrete foundation I’ve already created and then building up the base of my oven with sleepers and creating an internal chamber to use as a heat sink filled with bottles, Earth and sand and then cemented over. I’ll then top with a vermiculite concrete base topped with fire bricks for the base of my oven.

    I’ve read conflicting opinions on having a heat sink however and was wondering if this is the best approach?

    For the chamber of my oven I was going to use old red clay bricks and fire cement, then a layer of vermiculite concrete and then topped off with a brick layer as I like the aesthetic of brick. Would this work?