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3 inch marble slab for floor

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  • 3 inch marble slab for floor

    Hello everyone,
    im new here and have been doing some research on the build. I originally was just going to build an outdoor fireplace entertainment area.
    Then my daughter suggested a pizza oven.
    i thought how hard could it be. Well this took me down a rabbit hole I had not expected lol.
    I’m a carpenter by trade and have done my share of masonry also.
    im from Ireland originally and grew up on a farm where you were expected to do everything or figure it out lol.

    Anyways I cam across two pallets of refractory cement and about 150 firebrick plus 2 slabs of 3 inch plus marble . About 20 inch by 22.

    So I understand the concept of the oven and insulating the floor and dome etc.

    My question is if I wanted to use the Marble slab on front area of floor of oven as smooth surface to cook
    pizza and make bread etc.
    its pretty much same thickness as firebrick and I could fill remaining area with brick.

    just thought it would be nice to have a smooth area for laying food on.

    Has as anyone tried this with marble or know can it withstand heat up to 1k degrees?

    Brewster, NY

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    Granite is not recommended for landings due to thermal cycling spalling, can't say on marble though. Soadstone has been used in a few builds not only for the landing as well as the cooking surface, ie GianniFoccacia did soap stone. You can try it in the landing but design as such that it can be pulled out and replaced without tearing down the vent chamber.
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