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A little guidance needed please.

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  • A little guidance needed please.


    I am currently in the process if making a WFO. The base is old bricks, with a 100mm reinforced concrete slab.
    The slab sits within a basin that I have created by reducing from a double to a single brick course.

    Please will someone advise if the next steps seem reasonable, before I get to making the dome (I'll probably be back then too!).

    So we have the concrete slab and on top of that:

    1) 100mm Thermalite blocks (Shall I just cut the blocks and drop them into place direct onto the smooth concrete surface or use a fire cement / regular cement / kiln sand / builders sand and bed them in?)

    2) Small layer of kiln sand / fire mortar. Will I even need to use any mortar or sand here?

    3) 64mm firebricks.

    The above will be surrounded two single courses of the same bricks I have used for the base, so that the top of the bricks is flush with the cooking surface.

    Other questions I have are:

    Is the Herringbone pattern the best to use for laying the firebricks?
    Shall I use a little sand or cement in between the firebricks, or just cut them and drop them into place without the cement or sand?
    Is there generally only one quality of fire brick, or do I need to look for a particular specification?
    I believe I read somewhere that it is recommended to drill some holes through the concrete, so it can 'breathe' - if this is correct, roughly how many holes in a 90cm x 90cm slab?

    Thank you in advance to anyone who can offer some help.

    Hopefully I have successfully attached a couple of pictures to show you where I am.



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    There are at least 3-4 UK builds going on right now in Other Oven Types, some using Thermalite plus a CaSi board. Look at Nick JC build.
    Google Photo Album []