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Crack in Cast Oven

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  • Crack in Cast Oven

    I have a modular kit oven that I was finally able to cure. I had 5 days of successively hotter fires and closely followed the manufacturers instructions. The oven had 1" of rock wool over the entire outside except for the opening/flue. The morning after my last night if curing I woke to find this crack that totally bisects the monolithic entry piece. I have talked to the manufacturer and they say I should have insulated the entire oven prior to firing, though that's not clear in the instructions. That being said I need to repair this and figured who else to ask rather than the FB experts. Any tips or tricks?

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    I can see a hairline crack in the pictures but I cant tell if it is signifiant without a better overall shot of the area ... ie if the crack is affecting the integrity of the entry ?
    Obviously no cracks would be ideal but most ovens will develop some over time.
    How big is the component? was there a reason you did not insulate that area?
    If the crack opening up significantly when hot ?
    A full picture of the oven might help us see more into the problem.


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      Cracks in castings are far more likely to occur in large sections and if the drying fires are done uninsulated. This is because there’s a much greater difference between the inner and outer surfaces which contribute to thermal shock.So it’s not surprising that the crack occurred at the uninsulated area.
      Five drying fires is pretty quick, most recommend 7 in 7 days.
      Rockwool is cheaper than ceramic fibre blanket but quite a lot fluffier making working over it a lot more difficult. You should really go back to the manufacturer rather than this forum for your oven issues.
      Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.


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        Ditto on the original manufacture advice. IF and I mean IF you followed the firing instructions its on them. As to repairing it..It is NOT I repeat NOT- NOT- NOT- NOT- possible to make a crack repair in a cast oven. You can cover it cosmetically but it will not last.

        Cracks in these ovens (cast or brick modular or 1 piece) are inherent and not necessarily a concern.


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          Thanks for the replies all. I have contacted the manufacturer and they tell me it's my fault. Though they'll sell me another kit for half the price because they feel bad.

          I am not ready to go that route yet. What can I do to salvage this cracked entry? Is there any way to move forward with this piece still in use? If there is a repair possible how long could I expect this to work? I am enclosing the oven and only will do so when I have a permanent solution.

          Mefornaio, you said, "Cracks in these ovens (cast or brick modular or 1 piece) are inherent and not necessarily a concern". Am I correct in reading that this is not a concern in my oven or is my oven beyond what is called a crack?

          I am looking for a solution to this problem that I know I brought upon myself.


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            I looks like a pretty standard crack in a relatively predictable location to me. In my experience I've seen cracks form in just about every location of these types of ovens. Although I'm not as involved as I used to be on these types of forums I don't ever recall someone having to scrap the oven as a result.

            Have the oven crack followed my the myriad of panic thoughts your having is sort of a twisted right of passage owning one of these. I'd wager 85%+ of the members that have bought or built ovens have experienced a crack of some kind.

            As far as yours specifically it's hard for me to see but it looks like it bisectes that arch all the way through to the flue. The good thing about it being in that area is there is really no where for those 2 pieces to go.

            Nobody can tell you DEFINITIVELY if it's going to fail or not if they say the can they are full of it. Having said that like I mentioned above in my experience not only with these types of ovens but in masonry in general I pretty sure you will be just fine.

            You might see others and the one you have now will definitely open up when you get it up to temp but it will close back again.

            It looks from the pic the flue starter is a separate piece so the crack did not transfer to the flue piece and if it is indeed separate it should not because of the 2 pieces and the cast hole. I honestly think you will be just fine.

            I developed 2 cracks on either side of my arch opening on my mobile about 6 months into use and they have never gotten worse in almost 6 years of very heavy use and travel.



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              This is the message I needed to read right now. You are correct in your description of the flue starter being a separate piece and the crack did not continue to that part. I love the part about the panic thoughts and the twisted right of passage.

              I'm the learn by doing type and this has been a serious learning experience by sometimes doing things wrong. I especially appreciate this forum, you, and its users for the trading of ideas, knowledge, and general kindness.

              Based on what you've explained and my own thoughts based on too much Googling and stating at the oven brainstorming I am going to continue with the build and get this oven enclosed.

              I am happy to hear the cracks in your oven have not gotten any worse after the travel and use.

              Thanks again for the reply sharing your expertise Mefornaio.


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                You are welcome.

                I don't frequent this forum that much and have not in years but it is nice to have with lots of information and i have been enjoying popping back in here and there lately. Under a differnt username I was here way back in 2007 so what almost 14 years ago. At the time my expert was my many years of masonry/concrete experience. One thing that partially helped me at the time of my first oven build, a high mass barrel vault bread oven was my experience building brick fire places as an apprentice with with my father.

                SInce then I have built many and have been cooking in them since about that time and professionally for almost 11 years now 6 pizza oven 5 bread oven. You welcome and I by know means consider myself and expert. I just have had quite a bit of on hand experience and that is really the ONLY thing that is going to get you there once you start cooking in this thing as well.

                You think the build jitters and frustration are bad..just wait till you place the pie in the oven and it just sits there and looks back at you like "hey dumb ass I need some heat in here" or like wise when you place it it bursts into flames (ok no really) but the bottom burns REALLY quick.

                That is just oven heat management not oven considering the dough formulas, size temperature toppings etc. The reason I mention this is enjoy the journey because it will not come over night especially with sporadic occasional use its going to take some time. The good news is its FOOD and unless its really a crispy burnt frisbee its eatable right?