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Where to take door way measurements?

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  • Where to take door way measurements?

    I am currently working on my interior door design and I am close to starting the archway and building my templet. I know the door height should be 63% of the total dome height my question is where is that measurement taken? It would seem to be a very different measurement if taken at the side of the door (lowest part) or in the middle (highest part) because of the arched opening.

    I have looked through several other posts and read through the downloadable instructions and can't seem to find an answer.

    Thanks ahead of time for the help

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    Welcome Aaron! The "golden" 63% ratio is the inner arch peak height over the height of the inner dome chamber. Be aware that the dome design works very well within a fairly large range of opening/dome height ratios. Also be conscious of making your opening wide enough to fit in your favorite turkey roaster (with turkey ) or a sheet pan. Hope that helps.
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      Perfect! Thanks Mike!