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Another door question/realization

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  • Another door question/realization

    I’ve run into a realization as I have approached my oven opening design. I am 3 runs up the side of my brick oven and I have my “indispensable tool” mounted on a 2x4 that is held in place by brick and some tape for reference just to avoid putting a hole in my oven floor. I am working on door opening measurements and it dawned on me that my oven height will be taller than the floor radius because of the 2x4 height. Is there a way to compensate for this? Will the dome be sound? Should I even be concerned?

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    I just took some measurements and ran the math and it looks like my door opening will need to be over 2” taller than originally had planned. My floor measurement radius is 15” but the height will be closer to 19”.
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