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Oven Questions from Japan

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  • Oven Questions from Japan

    Hi all,
    I've been searching the forum looking for info, but I've got a few questions:

    1) On the Island I live on there isn't very much wood that is usable as firewood - it's all palm or banyan and it isn't very accessible. Also, since this is a tropical island, there isn't a firewood industry, so you'd have to get permission to cut wood from someone's forest, or use lumber. Can I use regular charcoal?

    2) I read about gas fired oven, but I can't find any links or pictures. Can someone point me on the right direction?


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    Re: Oven Questions from Japan

    Charcoal might work but you need a lot of heat to heat up the masonry and unless it was very cheap (free) it would probably be too expensive. We like dense dry hardwoods like oak because they produce a lot of heat and the big fires that are often used to get these brick ovens up to temperature.

    Gas ovens or combination ovens are commercial...not really used by the DIY home builder due to safety concerns.
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      Re: Oven Questions from Japan

      Thanks for the reply. I guess unless I move to one of the larger islands I'm outta luck. Too bad I can't burn coral!


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        Re: Oven Questions from Japan

        I'm not the guy to give advise but this is what I think. In the tropics there are lots and lots of coca nuts and palms. My view is that this fuel will work but your going to have to force in air ...a mini blast furnace. You'll have to keep adding dried coconut husks. I would build in a blower tube that comes up right in the middle of the fire. That should cook it. You can be the first on the island to have a coconut fired pizza party


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          Re: Oven Questions from Japan

          Burn bamboo. Cut it, split it, dry it. It burns like crazy! Very hot. So you may need some extra fuel if you want to keep a fire burning.

          I would also suggest finding a local gardener. They are always cutting down ornamental trees in people's gardens. Lots of good fuel there specially cherry!

          You might also try finding a local builder who doesn't mind saving you building scraps. You'll have to be a bit picky about what you'll burn - no MDF, pressure treated lumber, or laminated wood. Luckily most builders here in Kyushu use cedar/ hinoki- both of which would burn fast, but slower than the bamboo.

          Good luck,