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  • Heavy duty cart diy


    Well, I bit the bullet and built a pad for building a pizza oven. However, I was told I cannot legally do so because it’s too close to the property line. As a workaround, considering putting the pizza oven on the heavy duty metal cart with wheels. Not that I will wheel it around much but that way it is not a “permanent build“. Unfortunately, my property is small enough that there are no places to build far enough away from the setback.

    I’m thinking the oven will be approximately 30 inches wide and 40 inches deep. I am thinking of a “tunnel“ construction rather than a dome to save space and weight. I plan to use refractory bricks, ceramic, blanket, and stucco. I’m wondering if anyone has any advice; I’m concerned that the “cart“ might be too top-heavy. I’ve seen some YouTubes where there are two slabs one with the wheels at the bottom, and then another at the top of the construction for the oven on.

    Thanks for any constructive input!