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  • Modern WFO designs

    Hi all,

    I'm a builder in Sydney Australia and really enjoying the great community and advice that is on this forum.

    Time for me to start my own build.

    In regards to design, this may be sacrilege but I'm considering deviating away from the traditional dome with front arch design to an entirely cylindrical base with a rebate for the opening.

    Do you guys think that there is an internal baffle from the roof and the outer dome is a faux cover that doesn't reflect the internal contours?
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    Hector, the hidden chimney system is often called squirrel tail design. Smoke exhaust is captured at the top front and follows a chimney funnel that wraps up on the outside of the dome to exit at the top.

    I first saw this design on a Jamie Oliver cooking show, but didn't understand how it worked until I started researching my own build and found this forum. Filled a little empty spot in my heart I didn't know was there. Now I can't imagine not having a WFO and being part of this community of folks.

    Welcome to the family!
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      Here’s a drawing that shows how that’s done. There’s obviously a lot more to it to execute that design.